About Us

The COVID-19 crisis has turned people to online shopping in greater numbers.  It is more important than ever for retailers to have a good online shop.
We could not find one that was super cool, so we built it. Just for independent retailers.
We are "e checkout".  A company founded by Liam Keating and Craig Broadbear.  Liam is a successful retailer having owned and run several independent stores over the last 30 years.  Craig is a software developer and has been involved with many IT startups over the last 25 years.

Craig Broadbear
Liam Keating

echeckout is supported on:

  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • Desktop

Mobile shopping is most convenient for many people nowadays, as it allows the customer to shop whilst on the go. To begin shopping at your store, customers simply install echeckout as a progressive web app on the device of their choosing.

Service Features

  • Integration with store database for prices, specials and stock levels.
  • Automatic mapping of product barcode to descriptive product details and photos.
  • Automatic updating of new products.
  • We aim to have 100% coverage of photos and descriptions.
  • Customers can buy most produce per item. e.g. 3 pink lady apples
  • Elimination of duplicate products with same names. e.g. A punnet of strawberries may come from multiple suppliers each with a different product code - but the customer just wants to see 1 punnet of strawberries.
  • Mobile first design. Installs as a Progressive Web App on phones. More people use mobile & tablet than desktop. For grocery shopping, having a shopping list in your pocket works well.
  • Customer first design thinking without clutter allowing for easy learning and speedy shopping.
  • Super fast site.
  • Shared shopping lists. Customers can share a shopping list with all their devices and other household members.
  • Delivery zones measured by drive time radius.
  • Walk Optimized picking lists for staff and customers. Items will appear one after the other as you walk the aisles.
  • Optionally offer credit card processing during checkout.

Store Outcomes

  • Greatly increased sales over phone orders.
  • Doubled average sale size over phone orders.
  • Customers love it.
  • Increased safety for customers and staff during COVID-19 times.